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Explore Decathlon's B2B solutions tailored for government and defense wellness and engagement initiatives. Our premium selection of bulk sports products is designed to enhance team performance and morale. We are empanneled on GEM as OEM. Whether you’re looking for fitness equipment, apparel, or sports accessories, Decathlon offers high-quality products perfect for government and defense wellness programs. Enjoy exclusive discounts, bulk buying options, and GST benefits tailored specifically for government organizations. Our comprehensive range includes everything from Sun protecting glasses and Jackets to Camping tents and field-ready exercise gear. Enhance your wellness initiatives and support your personnel with our customizable solutions. Trust Decathlon for reliable, cost-effective, and impactful wellness products.
About us : Now enjoy and experience the entire offering of Decathlon India’s 60+ sports and over 6000+ products | Get products in Bulk for Corporate | Government/Defence | Sports Club | Educational Institution | Hotel & Resort | Gift Card or become a Reseller. Become a partner - Register for FREE & create your B2B account for special deals, GST benefits, Customization & Free Delivery* Choose from wide Sports gifting options for Corporate Employees, Guests for Hotels & resort, Students or gift unique customized gifts to Kids. Choose from an array of gear and equipment that's designed to get you play-ready. : | Winter Collection : We provide a wide range of Winter Jackets, Winter shoes, Sweaters, Fleece, Pullover, Down jacket, Beanies, Gloves, Snow jacket, Arctic winter jacket, Woolen socks and with more winter categories. | The Range : Whatever your choice of sport, the popular ones like football, running, cycling or you're looking for something niche like fishing, archery or horse riding, we've got you covered head to toe with the right gear that fits just fine and every piece of equipment that you may need to practice. | Gifting Options : Customize your own gifting kit & choose from Bags, Bottles, T-Shirts, Caps to Fitness Equipments or Swimming essentials. Get Camping tents & essentials with exclusive discounts. Innovation : Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We “Innovate smart” because we want to make sports easier for people who use our products. The 2-second pop-up tent that makes camping easier, the roll-on net that encourages playing table tennis on any flat surface or even the Kipsta Cage which can turn any ground into a football field are some of our innovative examples. Discover many such products on the Website |