Grooved case for swimming goggles Recycled & Recyclable - Black




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Grooved case for swimming goggles Recycled & Recyclable - Black

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Your swimming goggles are scratched again? Protect them right now with this NABAIJI recycled and recyclable case. It protects your goggles in your pool bag.
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Water drainageRemove residual water thanks to its grooved bottom and facilitate drying.
EcodesignProlong the life of your goggles in a recycled and recyclable case.
VersatilityUse this storage case for all types of swimming goggles.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

This swimming goggle case has a design history.
Did you know that a storage case increases the durability of your swimming goggles? But did you know that, on average, 50% of the C0² emissions of swimming goggles are from its plastic case? NABAIJI, will now offer most of its goggles in recycled and recyclable cardboard packs to limit the systematic use of plastic cases.
We all want to increase the durability of our swimming goggles.
To increase the durability of your swimming goggles, protect them from scratches, preserve the anti-fog coating, they must be stored in a rigid case. This is why, for swimmers who do not already have a means of protection, we have given this black case a modern and above all eco design: 100% recycled recyclable, grooved and ventilated for total water removal. Remember to rinse your goggles before putting them in their case!
How are our recycled and recyclable goggle case transported?
We think the rigid case is still the best way to protect your swimming goggles. Even though they are recycled and recyclable, our cases are made of plastic and should not be transported empty. So we did not stop at simply protecting your swimming goggles: we have designed these stackable cases to limit the environmental impact of the transport from our suppliers to our stores.
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 100.0% Polypropylene - Recycled
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