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Thanks to the lightweight design of the shape with maximum wood removal, you can lift and swing this bat quickly with ease. Painted, Poplar wood bat ideal for soft and medium tennis ball usage.

LightweightThin profile design enables bat weight to be less than 1000 gms
PowerPoplar wood offers basic power
Vibration dampeningSolid wood handle reduces vibration
DurabilitySolid Drek handle with expoy reinforcement
VersatilitySoft and medium tennis ball usage
Warranty2 year warranty on the bat handle.
Technical Information

Why choose a 'Light' series FLX tennis ball bat?
The FLX 'Lite' bat series is designed to minimize the weight of the bat. Ideal if you may not always play in large open grounds or depend fully on the power of your bat. All you want is to be able to lift your bat easily and swing it quickly to hit the ball.
What is the difference between lite, power and max series bats?
"Lite 500- Lightweight Bat Lite 900- Ultralight + Large blade bat Power 500- Powerful Bat Power 900- Max Power + Large blade bat Max 500- Large Balde + Light + Power Bat Max 900- Light + Max Power + Extra Large Blade Bat"
Why are FLX bat handles stronger than regular handles?
All FLX bat handles are designed with the addition of epoxy resin to increase the strength of the handles by 50% when compared to normal handles. This is why we are confident to offer a 2-year warranty on our bat handles after testing the same.
Bat Handle Specifications
Single Piece of the handle made of Drek Wood. Drek is a highly durable wood making it an ideal component for high impact bearing bat handles
Wood Specifications
Poplar Wood is common in India. Highly durable and Ideal for soft and medium tennis ball cricket
How do we test our bats at FLX?
All our bat designs are tested and validated for high standards of durability in FLX's very own Bat Lab in Bangalore. Our factories adhere to strict quality control plans to ensure that every bat we roll out is as close to the dream we had for it when we put pencil to paper. Our main promises of lightweight and power are also validated by users like you on the field as they tested our bats while playing a game of cricket.
Information / Concept / Technology
Bat : 100.0% Wood - Soft Grip : 100.0% Rubber - Butadiene Rubber

Stockage tips
Store in a dry place. Avoid contact with water
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