TREKKING Backpack 100 | 60 Litre Easyfit Women - Khaki



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Co-designed with users in the French Alps, this bag offers simplicity and comfort without compromising on its technical features. An eco-designed bag thanks to dope-dyed polyester.
Sizes guide

Carrying comfortCarry system for the female body shape. EASYFIT automatic back adjustment.
Multiple compartmentsVolume with compartmentsAccess to bottom of pack. 5 pockets.Water bladder pocket
VersatilityWater bottle holder, Pole holder, Rain cover.
Weight1.7 kg.The weight indicated is that of our benchmark sample.
DurabilityMain fabric in 600 denier polyester bottom of the bag is reinforced(1600 denier)
VentilationBack with aluminium bars to reduce pressure and allow the back to breathe.
Easy hydrationInternal compartment for a water bladder (not included)
Eco-designWe dye the yarn with coloured granules to avoid using dye baths
Warranty10 Years
Technical Information

EASYFIT system
Our patented Easyfit system allows you to adjust the back height and strap tension simultaneously by pulling on one single strap (on each side). Put on your bag 2. Buckle and tighten the belt 3. Pull the orange handles (upwards) That's all there is to it!
Dying process
Textile dyeing requires a lot of water but also produces waste water from the dye baths. To reduce the environmental impact, we have opted for mass pigmentation (also called Dope Dye), integrating the colour pigments from initial thread manufacture. This process reduces the CO2 emissions of this backpack by 35% compared to the old model.
Volume of 60 litres. The volume of each backpack is measured using a standard method: we use small balls to fill the main compartment as well as each pocket. The balls are then emptied into a graduated container in order to determine the equivalent volume in litres, with a margin of error of just a few %.
How to pack a backpack?
Put your bedding at the bottom. Put heavy gear (tent, camp stove, food) near your back. Pack your clothes around these items. A ground sheet or tent mat can be placed under the flap or the bag (add straps) if they cannot be fitted inside. Keep a rainproof jacket and fleece close at hand. In the pockets, place small items for the day (sunscreen, map, glasses...). The water bladder can be placed in the compartment generally provided down the back
Why are our rain covers grey when some trekkers want them to be brightly coloured?
The grey colour is neutral and therefore uses less dye. The component is made of BITON: this process allows us to lower our CO2 impact and reduce consumption and water pollution in comparison to coloured models. These small measures demonstrate the commitment of Forclaz to improve the environmental impact of its products.
Female body shape
Our women's models have been specially designed to fit the female form (chest and hips) with more open straps and a high fitted waist for greater comfort and freedom of movement. The EASYFIT system has also been designed so the back can be adjusted to a lower height
Complementary accessories
Check out our storage accessories that facilitate the use of the TREK 100 bag on our website
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester Yoke : 100.0% Polyester Bag cover : 100.0% Polyester Webbing : 100.0% Polypropylene Lining : 100.0% Polyester Coating : 100.0% Polyurethane

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Product test
All our backpacks are field-tested by users who represent the target market in conditions identical to those found in typical use. In particular, our "Test Missions" bring together the product manager with people who are not affiliated with DECATHLON to test, improve and validate the products. This specific model was approved by trekkers spending 5 weeks in the Canaries, the Pyrenees and the Mont Blanc mountain range.

Stockage tips
Store your bag in a dry, ventilated place away from direct light.
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