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A simple, lightweight MP3 player fitted with a clip.Supplied with its sports earphones and a 4GB microSD card
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VolumeScalable memory with micro-SD card – up to 64GB (4GB provided, i.e. 600 tracks)
Water resistanceSweat and rain resistant (IPX4).
Autonomy8-hour battery life, rechargeable with a micro-USB cable (supplied).
Ease of use5 buttons for controlling the sound, tracks and activating the shuffle mode.
StabilityClip for fastening the player to your belt, sports earphones that fit securely.
LightweightTotal weight: 28 g
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

The KALENJI MP3 player has 5 different buttons for: -lowering the volume. -increasing the volume. -skipping to the next song (short press) or skipping to the next section (long press). -going back to the previous song (short press) or going back to the previous section (long press). -activating the shuffle mode.
Playback formats
The KALENJI MP3 player can play music files with the following digital formats: -MP3 -WMA -WAV This player cannot read APPLE-type formats: AAC.
Storage capacity.
The KALENJI MP3 player is fitted with a port for a micro-SD card that takes cards with a capacity of up to 64GB, i.e. 9,600 tracks in MP3 format. The pack contains a 4GB micro-SD card.
In order to comply with applicable EC standards, the MP3 player delivers the maximum volume recommended by the law. If however, you wish to increase the volume above this threshold, you need to carry out the following process: When playing a music file: -Go to maximum volume until you hear 3 beeps. -Then increase the volume again.
Content of the packaging
-KALENJI MP3 player with belt clip. -2 GB Micro-SD card (for 300 songs). -Wired in-ear sports earphones: 1.2 m in length, with a 3.5 mm jack connector. -2 sizes of silicone earpieces. -1 micro-USB charging cable.
Warranty and after-sales service
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Information / Concept / Technology
Board : 50.0% PCBA, Board : 50.0% Battery Frame : 80.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Frame : 20.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane Earphones : 50.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Earphones : 40.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Earphones : 10.0% Silicon

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