Cross-Training Elastic Training Band 5 kg




₹ 149.00

Cross-Training Elastic Training Band 5 kg

Made for
The training band not only builds muscle strength but also helps you stretch. It is a versatile accessory that will become an absolute must for your workouts.
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VersatilityImprove your strength and muscle power, and develop your flexibility
RobustnessRobust and durable.
Easy transportA lightweight product you can easily toss in your gym bag.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Did you know?
Unlike dumbbells, elastic bands give you variable, gradual resistance. This lets you work on your strength, speed and power while reducing the stress you place on your joints.
Technical specifications
5kg corresponds to the weight measured when the band is stretched to 200%.
Information / Concept / Technology
Elastic band : 100.0% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex

Product test
This product was tested for cross training and muscle strengthening use, it is not suitable for any other use.

Stockage tips
Do not store outdoors. Be sure to regularly check the general condition of this elastic. If you notice a crack or a snag, stop using the product and return it to the store.
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