Modular Agility Ladder - Orange




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Modular Agility Ladder - Orange
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Pick up the pace! Whether for training at home or for players at a club, this uniquely shaped 3.2 m agility ladder is a must for football.
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RobustnessThe semi-rigid material means the agility ladder will survive being stepped on.
StabilityYour ladder stays in place: the semi-rigid rungs reduce the chance of slipping.
FlexibilityYou can connect them together to expand the number of drills you can do.
VersatilityYou can move the rungs closer together to change your footwork
VisibilityThe neon colour makes your ladder more visible.
Compact designEasy to store thanks to the rigid structure that doesn't get tangled.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

The Modular range and our take on the training bars.
We watched players on the pitch and spent a lot of time talking to coaches to establish their needs for setting up drills: marking out areas and targets, dodging, etc. To meet as many of these needs as possible and to give coaches a range of options, we developed the Modular accessories range. These products are compatible with each other, allowing you to increase and vary your exercises using simple, ingenious technical solutions.
What are the modular accessories?
Their notches and connectors mean you can attach the ladders to one another at right angles or lengthways. Kipsta designer Alex explains: "We wanted to be able to connect the ladders together, flat, and without there being any play between them. The connector is the same on all ladders: you can't get it the wrong way round. You can also move the rungs closer together to change your footwork."
Information / Concept / Technology
Main part : 100.0% Polypropylene

Stockage tips
For a longer lifespan, store the product in an area that is protected from bad weather!
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