Men's waterproof MATRYX® and VIBRAM® trekking boots - ALLTRAIL MT7




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Men's waterproof MATRYX® and VIBRAM® trekking boots - ALLTRAIL MT7

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Are you looking for innovative boots? Durable, waterproof and lightweight? Boasting a high-resistance MATRYX® textile, they'll soon become an essential ally for your adventures across all terrains.
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GripVibram® rubber sole with excellent grip on dry and muddy terrain
WaterproofWaterproof membrane tested on a 20 km walk in water up to the mid-upper
DurabilityHigh performance Matryx® textile and 100% rubber toe bumper
FitHigh top with 2 high hooks + 1 blocking hook + X-form ankle system
Foot motionSemi-rigid sole for a good compromise between foot movement/precision of hold
CushioningDurable and high-performance PU cushioned midsole
WeightOnly 620 g per boot in EU size 42 (UK 6)
Ecodesign"Dope-dyed" black thread upper element Recycled mounting sole and "X" part*
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

MADE IN EUROPE MANUFACTURING : 100% of Forclaz boots are made in Europe
These boots are made in the European Union, in Romania, in a factory specialising in hiking boot production (SKANDIA). Main component of the upper: Made in France For even more transparency, here is the link to our French partner: Tip for copy-and-pasting links you come across on this page into your browser)
VIBRAM®. The grip of our soles
The grip on our soles is VIBRAM®-certified, meaning our soles offer excellent grip on all dry terrains, whether it's soil or rocks. You get the idea - it's brilliant! The VIBRAM® notching also provides a grip capacity suited to soft/muddy and humid terrains. Average width sole: the wider the sole, the more likely it is to soften and deform. This means that, with this sole, you can walk comfortably on most trails without losing stability.
MATRYX® technology?ULTRA-RESISTANT and very technical textile with a weaving technique rooted in French expertise.
The part of the upper most impacted on the terrain boasts a MATRYX® EVO fabric, which is a Jacquard with an integrated lining. Technical compound of a PA warp coated with 550DTEX PU and a PA weft coated with 550DTEX PU. A 167DTEX PES lining Aramid threads throughout the upper to ensure good support Find out more: Tip: copy and paste in your favourite browser from the link above ,)
The durability over time of the MATRYX® technology is undeniable. The French design and the recycled polyester yarn used in the composition of certain textiles add to our contribution to developing sustainable products. To find out more: Tip: copy and paste in your favourite browser from the link above ,)
This boot has passed the waterproofing test at 50,000 repeatable flexions, equivalent to 20 km of walking in water up to the mid-upper. Today, this guarantees a very good level of waterproofing for the boots. --> Our assessment demonstrated a LEVEL 4/5, which means that the boot provides waterproofing for 8 hours of hiking in the rain. The details of tests carried out to assess the waterproofing of our boots is below.
WATERPROOF BOOT OR GAITER? it’s not necessarily one or the other! it provides additional protection
The waterproofing of boots is often compromised because water gets in at the collar of the boot. --> To keep your feet dry for as long as possible, we advise using waterproof spats or mini spats, which will protect the top of the boot from incoming water, as well as offering protection from pebbles and sand. The perfect pairing for this model TREKKING SPATS MT500 BLACK €15
How to prolong the waterproofing of this textile model
Even if this model has a WATERPROOF MEMBRANE (waterproof and breathable), we advise using a water-protection boosting spray a few times a year, which will revive the water-repellent properties and prevent external stains. --> This give the outer material back its water-repellent properties (water runs off and doesn't penetrate the material). Each textile section will then be sprayed, taking care not to forget the stitching (water loves stitching!)
Maintenance tips, application of the water protection booster
1/ Use a brush and/or sponge to clean the boots and remove residual earth or mud. 2/ Next, leave to air-dry, well away from heat sources. 3/ Shake the WATERPROOFING SPRAY €5 4/ Spray over the product from a distance of 25 cm 5/ Leave to act for at least 10 minutes. Caution: Do not rub or wipe. Link below for the SPRAY:
Eco-design isn't lacking in high resistance for our models!
In addition to the various laboratory tests, these boots have been tested in the field by passionate trekkers during a DURABILITY TEST MISSION over 500 km, on the GR5 and trekking trails in the Canaries. Check out the film of this mission test by clicking this link:
Environmental commitment: Eco-design / sole / X-form ankle system
Our base sole is made from 80% recycled plastic. Our ankle support structure (the black "X"-shaped part) is made with 100% recycled plastic. Our main component is made in France. Produced and assembled in Europe.
DOPE-DYED colouring for the black thread in the upper component. Textile dyeing requires a lot of water but also produces waste water from the dye baths. To reduce the environmental impact, we have opted for mass pigmentation (also called Dope Dye), integrating the colour pigments from initial thread manufacture. This technique saves a huge amount of water and considerably reduces CO2 emissions. What's more, the dying of the clothing lasts longer as a result
Lab tests
Laboratory tests were conducted to test the following elements: - tearing of the eyelets and straps - bonding of the sole - toxicology - UV-resistance - abrasion of the sole and components of the upper - accelerated ageing
Can you use crampons with this trekking boot?
This trekking boot model occasionally allows for the use of STRAP-ON CRAMPONS ONLY. It is sufficiently rigid for the occasional use of strap-on crampons while guaranteeing extremely good comfort when walking.
Which size should I select?
Which size should I select?For hiking, do not hesitate to buy one size larger than the usual size to guarantee excellent comfort on the descent and to avoid toes rubbing at the tip of the shoe. Tip: keep your toenails short and, before descending, check that your lacing prevents your foot from sliding forwards inside the boot.
5 levels of waterproofing
During the waterproofness test, we test 5 levels of waterproofness: - 2000 flexions (approx. 4 km, 30 min. of walking) - 10,000 flexions (approx. 10 km, 3 hours of walking) - 30,000 flexions (approx. 15 km, 6 hours of walking) - 50,000 flexions (approx. 20 km, 8 hours of walking) - 100,000 flexions (approx. >20 km, 24 hours of walking)
100% waterproof test validated in laboratory
Our boots are all laboratory-tested with the two consecutive tests. Test 1: We test the efficiency of the membrane alone, submerged in water under air pressure. We simply check that there are no bubbles on the surface, like there would be for a pierced air chamber. Test 2: Thanks to a mechanical arm which simulates walking, the complete boots are half-submerged in water and perform thousands of flexions in order to verify that the inside of the boot remains dry and therefore waterproof.
BUYING TIPS how to try out your boots
How to choose your boots: 1. Try on both shoes, standing up, with the socks worn for hiking. 2. Tighten the laces correctly. 3. Check the following two areas of comfort: the base of the heel and the front part of the foot going down. 4. Get up to walk with the boots on your feet. 5. Try on several sizes and several models. 6. Gradually start using you shoes during your first few hiking trips to break them in.
Co-designed in partnership with a podiatrist to closely fit the anatomy of the foot.
These boots were co-designed with passionate trekkers, each bringing their own special skills. For example, one of our co-designers is a chiropodist who helps us to meet the physiological needs of people's feet and to make sure they are comfortable and safe during treks.
Decathlon SportsLab contributes to the innovation and design of Decathlon products by increasing knowledge of the human body in its environment. Our researchers explore the working and needs of sportspeople's bodies as they practise their sport. Thanks to their knowledge of sports sciences, thermal comfort, morphology and perception, our experts contribute to the safety and well-being of our sports people. SPORTSLAB:
Information / Concept / Technology
Outer sole of : 45.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Outer sole of : 40.0% Polyurethane, Outer sole of : 15.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Upper of : 45.0% Polyamide, Upper of : 25.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Upper of : 20.0% Polyester, Upper of : 10.0% Rubber - Synthetic Lining : 100.0% Polyester

Medium and high altitude mountain guides from the ASTER association take part in the development of our hiking boots, working closely with FORCLAZ designers and engineers. This model can be used with strap-on crampons on an occasional basis only. For example, this model:

Product test
All of our boots are tested for comfort when worn by users who are representative of who the products are designed for, and in conditions identical to those that you may come across on your treks. To test, evolve and validate products, our Test Missions are completed by a team formed by the product manager and external figures from FORCLAZ.

Stockage tips
Store in a dark, dry and well-ventilated place.
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