Set of 2 Light-Up 76 mm 82A Inline Skate Wheels + Bearings



Made for
Add some light to your night-time outings with this ready-to-use wheels/bearings pack.Compatible: MF500, FIT3 junior (sizes 2½/2½ & 2½/5), FIT 5 junior, FIT 100.
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VisibilityThe blue LEDs ensure good visibility.
Glide qualitySHR 76mm wheels for a good balance between speed and manoeuvrability.
Abrasion resistancePU rubber, 82A medium hardness.
VersatilityRounded profile and medium hardness for freeride and touring outings.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Wheels + bearings two-pack
2 x 76mm wheels, 82A hardness and freeride profile combined with ABEC 7 bearings.
LED light wheels
The energy from your skating generates powerful light whilst ensuring a long lifetime for your product. White wheel with blue light.
8mm axle
The 8mm spacer generates a magnetic field. No need for batteries or to be recharged.
Freeride wheel profile
Round "freeride" profile designed for skating practices where reactivity and manoeuvrability are needed, such as roller hockey, slalom, or freeride.
Care advice
Swap your wheels around regularly so that they wear down evenly.
Information / Concept / Technology
Wheels : 50.0% Polyurethane, Wheels : 50.0% Polypropylene Bearing : 100.0% Steel
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