Longboard Free 520 Japan



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Drop shape deck that lowers the centre of gravity for maximum stability, even at high speeds. Ride like the wind!
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StabilityDrop shape to lower the centre of gravity.
Ease of handlingStiff 9-ply deck for great stability and speed (Canadian maple).
Flexibility1/5. Very stiff Canadian maple deck.
PrecisionReverse kingpin trucks for greater manoeuvrability in turns and responsiveness.
Glide performance70 mm wheels (76A hardness) mounted on ABEC 7 bearings: speed and comfort.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

What is a freeride longboard for?
Freeriding is all about taking on any kind of slope without focusing solely on speed. The idea is to have fun with turns, slides and tricks (slide + varial flip), or simply enjoy doing big carving turns. Freeriding is about self-expression for the sake of fun and thrills.
Dimensions of the Free 520 Japan longboard
Dimensions: 39" (99 cm) x 9.45" (24 cm).Composition: 9-ply Canadian maple Drop shape for enhanced turning leverage and handling. The deck is close to the ground for less push-off effort. Flex: 1/5.
Wheels & bearings
Dimensions: 70 mm x 40 mm. Hardness: 76A (medium). Composition: 100% polyurethane. The size and hardness of the wheels offer great stability, comfort and glide performance. What's more, they also allow you to learn how to slide.ABEC 7 bearings.
Trucks (to mount the wheels)
Dimensions: 180 mm. Composition: aluminium, matte finish. Bushing composition: 100% polyurethane. Bushing hardness: comes with 2 sets of bushings (88a and 92a).
How much does the Drop Race longboard weigh?
3,7 kg.
How are our products tested?
Before launching a product, we put it through a series of lab tests to check its quality and sturdiness. Our Decathlon ambassadors then carry out real-life use tests to check that it meets their needs. Our ambassadors really put our products through their paces to make sure they are suitable for whatever you throw at them. This close collaboration with our ambassadors during the development process is a real sign of quality.
Information / Concept / Technology
Woodboard skateboard : 100.0% Wood Skate trucks : 80.0% Aluminium, Skate trucks : 20.0% Polyurethane Skate wheels : 80.0% Polyurethane, Skate wheels : 20.0% Polypropylene Bearing : 100.0% Iron

Stockage tips
Store in a cool, dry place.
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