Made for Women and men triathletes to organise, carry and use their triathlon gear during a race
Looking for a smart and practical accessory for stress-free triathlons? Manage your equipment easily and quickly thanks to our specially compartmentalised transition bag!

CapacityOrganise your belongings by discipline thanks to the special compartments.
VolumeSuitable for travelling thanks to its 35 L cabin bag format.
Ease of useEasy access to your belongings: full front opening and labelled pockets
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Why is a transition bag useful?
As you know, the triathlon is made up of three different races: swimming, cycling and running! And for each sport, you'll need to change equipment. So, to help you organise your equipment, access it easily during the event and post-race recovery, we have created a bag with three different compartments (one for each sport!) and various pockets. And for a stress-free race, we have even labelled each pocket and included a checklist of essential triathlon equipment!
Preparation, transport and the race: the three roles of the transition bag.
Before the race, your transition bag lets you organise all your triathlon equipment to make it easy to find. And thanks to its checklist, preparing your bag will quickly become part of your pre-race preparation. Its compact format lets you take all your equipment with you when you travel, and can even be used as cabin baggage when flying. During the race, its compartments will help you find your equipment more easily during your transitions without wasting time and without stress!
Our triathlon transition bag boasts compartments and a clever design:
As well as the separate compartment for each sport, here are more of the transition bag's handy features: - The swimming compartment can be removed from the rest of the bag. Its ventilated fabric means your suit will dry quickly. - The zipped pocket on the side of the bag, accessible with just one hand, lets you carry your doctor's certificate and other documents safely. - Its strap means you can hang up your bag. - Its adjustable shoulder straps are there for comfort before and after the race.
What size and for which sizes? More about our transition bag:
Triathlons come in different formats. With its 35 L size, your transition bag has been designed to help you take all the equipment you need for Super Sprint to Olympic races without having to stuff it to the brim. What about your size? You can easily fit a 5 mm XL or thin XXL neoprene suit and size 11 shoes in your bag!
The triathlon bag - a story of transition and different designs:
"Transitions are always the unknown in a triathlon". With this in mind, our team of 6 beginner and expert triathletes wanted to create a bag to help you manage these key moments as well as possible. 6 months of designing and consulting athletes from other sports, tests with 10 triathletes and 3 prototypes later, we are very proud to offer you a smart, practical and reassuring product that allows you to enjoy the very concept of triathlon, stress-free: the combination of 3 different sports.
Finally, a few words from our triathlete designers:
"The shape of the swimming pocket lets you put in your suit in a croissant shape: you don't want to damage the neoprene, so you should roll the suit up instead of folding it." "The biggest challenge was making the right choices to make sure that the bag wasn't too big and that each item could be easily organised inside. We came up with a bag that weighs 10 kg when full. You'll look a bit like a Ninja Turtle, but you'll be surprised how much you can carry on your back!"
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 80.0% Polyamide, Main fabric : 20.0% Polyurethane Inner fabric : 100.0% Polyester Outer fabric : 70.0% Polyester, Outer fabric : 30.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane Pad : 100.0% Polyester
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