ONear 500 wireless Bluetooth earphones - Black



Made for comfort and stability for listening to music when running!Resist rain and perspiration.
These bluetooth earphones were designed for hold and comfort so you can enjoy your music when jogging, without worrying about your earphones.
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StabilityOver-ear cable and wing tips. Comes with 3 sizes of buds.
Water resistanceThe earphones are weather and sweat resistant (IPX4).
ControlRemote control and microphone for switching between your music and phone calls
Autonomy4-hour battery life when listening
LightweightLightweight design for extra comfort and greater fit in the ear. Weight:17 g
CompatibilityCompatible with all smartphones (IOS >6.1 and ANDROID > 4.1).
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

What makes sports earphones different from standard earphones?
When you run, your whole body moves. Your earphones need to be perfectly stable in your ears. You sweat when you run, so your earphones need to be resistant to perspiration. And you need to keep a good perception of outside noises. These three different needs guided our choices throughout the design of the ONear 500 sports earphones.
No more moving around while you run!
In order to make your ONear 500 Bluetooth earphones perfectly stable in your ears: - The silicone buds were designed with wing tips which fit into your ears.The earphones are thus stabilised, without causing discomfort. 3 sizes of tips are supplied. - An adjustable cable connects the two earpieces and goes over your ears to ensure a good fit.Adjustable length which doesn't shift while you're running.
Gentle on your ears
We selected soft, flexible silicone for the buds of the earphones that fit in the ears.We were also particularly attentive to the shape of the buds: Two wing tips hold the earphones in place and distribute the weight of the earphones (only 17g) across your two ears.We designed the buds so they don't enter your ear canal so you don't feel any pressure.
A flexible ear loop
The ear loops on other sports earphones are stiff. The cable used on the ONear 500 bluetooth earphones links the two earpieces like an ear loop.This creates a flexible ear loop which adapts to the shape of your ears. No rigid material sticks into your ears. For optimal hold, don't forget to adjust the cable with the slide!
Neither rain, nor sweat will be a problem!
When it's hot and you are running, you will sweat. You're caught unaware by a rain shower.ONear 500 earphones resist water and perspiration. We have chosen watertight earphones. A watertight membrane has been fitted beneath the buttons. And each earphone is assembled by ultra-sound. These earphones passed the IPX4 water resistance test. Once your run is over, keep your ONear 500 earphones away from moisture, in a dry environment.
But where is the remote control now?
Most bluetooth earphones are controlled by your phone, in a pocket or armband (for changing volume, taking a call etc.).The remote control is often on the cable, which can cause instability. To avoid that, we have built the remote control and microphone of the ONear 500 directly in the earpieces. This avoids the moving cable causing interference when you're running. The buttons are also much more accessible.
An extension of your phone!
These are all the functions you can control with your ONear 500: - adjust the volume (press the Volume +/- buttons) - pause your music (press the Play button) - skip to the next track (press the Play button twice) - answer a call (press the Play button) - reject a call - hang up (press the Play button) - Open Siri or Google Voice (press and hold the Volume+ and Volume- buttons for 2 secs)
Switch on and you're connected!
We prefer to keep things simple! We have simplified the process for connecting your ONear 500 earphones. Just turn on the earphones and go into the Bluetooth settings of your phone to start searching for a Bluetooth device. Click on “ONEAR500” and you're done! The next time, your phone will automatically connect to your earphones, as long as they are switched on and close by. Don't forget to turn on your phone's Bluetooth ,-)
Bluetooth reception as good as your music!
There is nothing more annoying than your music cutting out. That will happen if the bluetooth reception is not good enough. We paid particular attention to the quality of the ONear 500 antennae so that never happens. And since you might be running in the gym, we have ensured that the range can reach up to 10 m when unobstructed.
Bluetooth compatibility
The wireless 4.1 Bluetooth connection is compatible with all smartphones (IOS >6.1 and ANDROID >4.1) and tablets.
Battery life & charging
The ONear 500 bluetooth earphones have 4-hour battery life when listening. A voice alert will notify you of your battery level when you switch off your earphones so that you don't forget to charge them before your next run. ONear 500 earphones can be charged with the micro-USB cable supplied.
Washable silicone tips
If, after numerous runs, you think your earphones need a clean, you can detach the silicone tips and rinse them out. To clean the earphones themselves, you can wipe them with a cloth. Don't put them in water, as they aren't designed to be submerged.
What kind of music should you listen to while you run?
We wanted to share the music that keeps us going during our runs. So we created a playlist on Deezer and Spotify. Search for “FREE TO MOVE” on your application. Please feel free to add your favourite running songs!
Technical specifications
Speaker diameter 8.6 mm Impedance 32 ohms Sensitivity 91 Db (+/- 3 Db at 1 Khz and input of 1 mW) Frequency range 20hz-20Khz Nominal output power 3mW 85 mAh battery (6 hours) Audio codec: SBC Bluetooth V 4.1 Bluetooth range: 8 to 10 m unobstructed
Great quality at the right price!
We take the quality of our products very seriously. Prototypes of the ONear 500 were tested in the laboratory and the field to enable us to improve their design. All the ONear 500 earphones are tested in a special room in the factory to control the quality of the bluetooth performance.Then in another special room to test the sound quality. Each ONear 500 has been quality controlled.
Warranty & after-sales service
The DECATHLON products are guaranteed for 2 years. If you have any questions, go to our support website. There you will find tips on how to use your product successfully: instructions user FAQs and video tutorials. In order to give you the best possible support, the support team is at your disposal 24 hours a day to answer your questions.
Information / Concept / Technology
Earphones : 40.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Earphones : 20.0% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber, Earphones : 20.0% Battery - Li Po, Earphones : 20.0% PCBA

Product test
At Kalenji, all our products are tested by a panel of users in the conditions for which they are designed.These tests are coordinated and led by a dedicated team of engineers. All these tests enable our product managers, engineers and the whole Kalenji team to develop, create and design technical products that meet our users' needs.

Stockage tips
ONear 500 earphones should be kept away from moisture, in a dry environment.
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