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The vibrations and structured foam of this simple roller use the body's weight for deep massages of the buttocks, thighs and calves.
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VersatilityThe same vibrating roller for massaging glutes, thighs and calves.
Vibration3 vibration levels for improved efficacy and easier use.
Ease of useWireless, rechargeable roller for easy use!
Anatomic designIts hard, structured foam provides an intense massage.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

What is the difference between a massage roller and a vibrating massage roller?
A massage roller is good. A vibrating massage roller is even better. Why? Simply because vibrations, combined with the weight of your body, enable a deeper massage. There are also 3 vibration levels for personalising your self-massage: adapt the power of your roller to your needs and the area to be massaged. Good to know: you can use the roller without the vibrations.
Which muscles should you massage with the foam roller?
Our versatile massage roller is designed to access areas of the body which are difficult to massage with your hands. It is ideal for the legs, especially the major muscle groups such as the thighs and calves. We recommend a ball or small massage roller for smaller muscle groups such as arms and feet.
Can you use a vibrating massage roller for the back?
We recommend against using vibrations for massaging the back. You can use the roller without vibration to self-massage your back.How? Just like with other massage rollers.Check out the tutorials on our YouTube channel. If you are planning to buy a massage roller for the back only, we recommend buying a massage roller without the vibration function.
How to massage yourself well after sport
After training, find comfort with an effective massage! Sit down on the floor, set your roller to the intensity of your choice and self-massage each group of muscles. Good news: the vibration does the work for you. For best results, we recommend that you massage each area for at least 3 minutes. Watch our videos for more information and a few exercises!
What are the instructions for use?
To start the roller: Set the cursor to ON, then press the START button. To adjust the intensity: press once for low intensity, twice for medium intensity, 3 times for high intensity. To power off the roller: set the cursor to OFF. Charge with the included cable on a USB port.Charging the battery: connect the cable to a USB port. 5V / 1A adaptor: approx 6.50 hours charging time
Precautions for use:
Do not immerse.Do not disassemble. For adults only. Not suitable for pregnant women. Please seek your doctor's advice before use if you wear a pacemaker, if you have any health condition or if you are not certain that the product is right for you. Using a foam roller may cause discomfort and leave marks on the skin. In case of significant discomfort or pain, please seek your doctor's advice.
What are the dimensions of the vibrating massage roller?
Length: 33 cm Diameter: 13 cm
How to optimise my recovery
To optimise recovery, use your roller with other massage tools including an electric stimulation device, compression socks and other massage accessories: such as balls, sticks, belts and guns. Nutrition is also important for recovery: including recovery drinks and protein bars. For more tips, see the Aptonia website.
Information / Concept / Technology
Frame : 60.0% Foamed Polyurethane, Frame : 40.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Board : 50.0% Battery Lithium, Board : 50.0% PCBA
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