Men's Eco-Designed Gentle Yoga Bottoms - Grey




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Reduced price! Men's Eco-Designed Gentle Yoga Bottoms - Grey

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Stretchy, soft bottoms made mainly from responsibly-sourced cotton (from organic farming or recycled).Wide elasticated waistband for unrestricted pranayamas. .
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Freedom of movementLoose cut with elastane for more stretch. 2 pockets.
Ecodesignproduct made with a majority of responsibly-sourced cotton
StabilityWith high waist and wide elasticated waistband.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Why the majority of our gentle yoga collection is made from organically farmed cotton
Because soft, natural fabric helps you stay focused on your sport. The organically farmed cotton is free from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), pesticides and other chemical fertilizers that can be dangerous for your skin. Using organic cotton is both practical and good for the environment because it improves soil fertility and reduces groundwater pollution.
Recycled cotton: an excellent durable option
Recycled cotton originates from pre-consumer waste and is mixed with virgin fibres to mechanically make recycled thread. This gives new life to waste and has a lower environmental impact, because the impact already occurred in its first life. Consequently, recycled cotton thread uses much fewer resources than conventional or organic cotton.
Why blend the 2 fibres? (organically farmed cotton and recycled cotton)
Recycled cotton is a technical solution that has a few drawbacks. To guarantee a high level of quality and durability, we chose to only incorporate 30% recycled cotton into the thread. We supplement with the best solution which is organically farmed cotton.
Our product design process
From beginners to yoga instructors, every member of our team shares this same passion. Whether we do gentle yoga or have a more dynamic practice, we're all seeking balance. With our network of yogi ambassadors, we (e)co-design products to meet your needs and mindset. We are committed to making your yoga practice a positive, generous and eco-friendly experience.
A rating to compare the environmental impact of products
The environmental impacts of the product are calculated across its entire lifecycle and using various indicators. An overall rating (ABCDE) is given, allowing you to easily identify products with the best environmental performance by comparing similar products to each other (T-shirts, bottoms, backpacks etc.). Decathlon openly displays the environmental ratings of its products. Find out more:
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 92.0% Cotton, Main fabric : 8.0% Elasthane Elastic band : 73.0% Acetate, Elastic band : 13.5% Polyester, Elastic band : 13.5% Rubber - Synthetic

Product test
This product has undergone washing and drying tests to verify that it retains its shape and colour. These tests are regularly performed by an independent laboratory and allow us to ensure that our quality standards are always upheld.
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