Front Disc Brake Pads - Compatible with Tektro IO and Novela 2010




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Front Disc Brake Pads - Compatible with Tektro IO and Novela 2010

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Semi-metal brake pads, the most versatile

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CompatibilityFor Tektro IO, Novela (before 2010), Gemini, and Aquila disc brakes
Braking powerEffective even in water and mud.
Abrasion resistanceSintered material with a high friction index. 2x longer lasting than an organic
Brake controlGuarantees steady braking.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

1 pair of brake pads 1 spring metal pin not included
breaking in the pads: essential before starting your ride
You should try braking quickly a few times on a dry, flat, obstacle-free surface. 3 or 4 sets of 10 dry, intermittent stops are enough to break in your pads. Dry braking will wear down the pad a bit. Release your brakes for a few dozen seconds between each set of stops in order to let them decrease in temperature before starting a new series of 10.
Be careful of glazing
If the problem persists despite several short, dry stops, lightly rub your brake pads with sandpaper.
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 98.0% Steel, Structure : 2.0% Resin

Product test
This model has been tested and approved in the lab
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