Adult Hiking Sunglasses Cat 3 - MH100 - Black



Made for Our optical engineers developed these sunglasses for hiking. Ideal for occasional use in the mountains thanks to their lightness. Anti-UV lenses block 100% of harmful rays and category 3 protects you from glare.
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Sun protectionCategory 3 lens - 100% UV filter: perfect for sunny weather.
LightweightJust 20 g.
StabilitySpecial shape of the temples: holds the sunglasses in place.
CoverageWraparound shape: protects your eyes from wind, spray and inclement weather.
RobustnessHigh resistance polycarbonate lenses and frame.
CompatibilityCompatible with MH ACC 100 S (4145875) and 500 S retention straps (4174685).
Technical Information

An anti-UV material, what is it for? Protect your eyes from an invisible danger... UVs. The UV radiation is still present, in the winter and summer, in sunny or even cloudy weather and can be harmful to your eyes and their contour. To protect your vision, our sunglasses' lenses are made from polycarbonate mixed with an "anti-UV" material that protects you from the harmful rays of the sun (UVA and UVB).
Classification of tinted glasses according to the standard ISO 12312-1: - Category 1: slightly tinted lens for greatly reduced sunlight. - Category 2: medium tinted lens for average sunlight. - Category 3: dark lens to for strong sunlight (sea and mountains). Between 82% and 92% visible light absorbed - Category 4: very dark lens, for exceptional sunlight (high mountains). Between 92% and 97% visible light absorbed
To limit our sunglasses' environmental impact, we can also change the material. On the frames of these sunglasses, we limit the use of varnish and paint, it is all integrated in the product's mould. It isn't enough, that is why we are working so that these sunglasses are one day 100% eco-designed.
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The quality of your vision depends on taking proper care of your sunglasses. The case is essential! Keep your glasses in their case to avoid scratches, knocks and crushing.

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Frame: 97.0% Polycarbonate, 3.0% Stainless Steel

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