Arpenaz 100 men's down hiking jacket - navy




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Reduced price! Arpenaz 100 men's down hiking jacket - navy

Made for protection from cold during LOWLAND HIKES.

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WarmthMixed wadding and down filling (50% down/50%feather). Fleece lined collar.
Lightweight470g in size L.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Inflating power of the down/feather filling
For this down jacket filled 50/50, the inflating power of the down/feather is guaranteed to be greater than or equal to 420 CUIN
The advantages if a duck* down and feather filling (for the front and back of the jacket)
The durable and inflating properties of the down give this jacket 3 qualities for hiking: - Thermal insulation thanks to the air trapped in the down and feathers - Ultra-light weight: down is lighter than synthetic wadding while offering the same degree of warmth.This allows you to lighten the load in your backpack - Ultra compactable * Our feathers come from Chinese ducks reared for their meat, we remove their feathers after slaughter. We hold the death certificates for these ducks
The advantages of synthetic down filling (for the arms)
The down jacket can be worn throughout the winter and will certainly need to be washed. Looking after a product with a down filling requires very special care.Nevertheless, looking after your down jacket yourself is easy enough once you know how. Please check the online care advice and instructions drawn up for this very purpose before any cleaning activity. This will prevent accidental damage and mishaps.
And if it rains....
The material of this down jacket is water repellent. It allows drops of water to glide off the fabric which delays water penetrating the down jacket while you find shelter from the rain. But the down jacket is not waterproof. We therefore recommend wearing a waterproof jacket over the down jacket in cases of prolonged exposure to rain.
Information / Concept / Technology
Padding : 90.0% Polyester (rPET) - Recycled, Padding : 10.0% Polyester (PES) Main lining : 100.0% Polyamide Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Secondary lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES)

All our down jackets have been laboratory tested on thermal manikins 5km/h winds, reproducing hiking under moderate exertion. This allows you to make the best choice by comparing the degree of thermal insulation on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

Product test
Thermal chamber test It allows us to check our design choices. We reproduce the temperature, wind and humidity conditions that you encounter in the mountains. In this way we can adapt our thermal insulation where you most need it. Feather impermeability test We use a test machine to ensure that the feathers do not escape from your jacket during your activities. Our fabrics are thus "featherproof" and so ensure lasting warmth.

Stockage tips
Store on a hanger in a clean and dry place.

Maintenance tips
Looking after down jackets requires special care. We recommend using a dry cleaning specialist to care for your down jacket. Washing: machine washable at 30°C,add two tennis balls to ventilate the down. Rinse twice. Tumble drying highly recommended: synthetic programme with two tennis balls to ventilate the down,Put it through several cycles until the down has dried completely otherwise it may clump and lose its insulating properties. Please see the care instructions on the internet.
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