Cycling Light ST 520 Front/Rear LED - Black



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Front and back rechargeable LED light kit with a continuous and flashing mode for being seen both day and night.
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VisibilityPower: 5 to 20 lumens Continuous or flashing mode
AutonomyFlashing mode: 9 hours Continuous mode: 5 hours Rechargeable via micro USB
VersatilityWHITE (1 mode) and RED (2 modes) Universal elastic mount
WaterproofIPX 4: withstands spray and heavy, persistent rain.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Thanks to feedback provided by cyclists and other road users (drivers, pedestrians, etc...), our design teams have defined optimum features linked to cyclists' visibility. With one purpose in mind: ensuring cyclists' safety.
Battery capacity: 160 mAh (500 cycles guaranteed) LED light power: - White mode: 20 Lumens, - red mode: 5 Lumens.
Information / Concept / Technology
Lens : 100.0% Polycarbonate Inside room : 50.0% Battery - Li Po, Inside room : 50.0% PCBA Structure : 100.0% Silicon

Product test
Laboratory tests have been carried out to approve the components: batteries, battery life, UV resistance, durability, etc. The final product is then tested to simulate the durability of the assembly over time. The light is fitted to a test bike to reproduce the vibrations of cycling on a road for several thousand cycles.
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