Town Scooter Rear Wheel Axle




₹ 49.00

Town Scooter Rear Wheel Axle
Made for
Make your scooter last longer!We provide this ready to install kit to let you extend your scooter's lease of life for as long as possible.

Easy assembly / dismantlingThis kit is easy to install: you just need an Allen key in size 5.
CompatibilityThis set is compatible with T7 EF and T9 EF models except T9 EF after week 34 20
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Kit contents
Instead of replacing your scooter, think about using spare parts! This axle set contains an axle and screw, to let you maintain your scooter and get the most out of it longer lifespan.
Need a hand?
You might not be handy at DIYTo maintain or repair your scooter, or that of your child's, we welcome your visit to the Workshop of your nearest DECATHLON store.
Do you already have your tools?
Why you can't find in this kit the tools to perform assembly? For the same reason we suggest spare parts to you: adopting a more environmentally friendly approach towards long-term sustainability. It's part of our commitment and that's why we have not added a screwdriver or an Allen key to this package.
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