Fit 3 / Fit 5 / Fit 3 Jr / Fit 7 Jr / Play 7 Brake Pads - Black



Made for replacing worn brake pads on Decathlon and Oxelo skate models: Fit 3 adult, Fit 5 adult, Fit 5 Junior, FIT 3 Junior, and Play 7.
Restore your braking power on Decathlon and Oxelo skates.

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CompatibilityFits onto the following Oxelo skates: Fit 3 and 5 Sr, Fit 3 and 5 Jr, and Play 7
Ease of use1 single screw to change your brake pad.
WarrantyThe brake is a wearing part, not under guarantee (except hidden defect)
Technical Information

For adult Oxelo Fit 3 and Fit 5 skates, and Fit 3 Jr, Fit 5 Jr, and Play 7 junior skates. Can be used for right or left feet.
Remove the rear wheel, unscrew the worn brake, install the new brake, screw the brake back on, and put the wheel back.
When should I change my brake pad?
Change the front brake pad before the wear line is reached.
What are the advantages of rubber brakes over plastic ones?
The rubber gives you more traction: braking is faster and easier. Plastic brakes "skid" but don't brake.
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 100.0% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber
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