Bottom Bracket Square Taper 122.5 mm Shimano BBUN55




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Bottom Bracket Square Taper 122.5 mm Shimano BBUN55

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Shimano reliability!

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CompatibilityDesigned for bottom brackets with a square taper.
Rolling efficiencySealed cartridge bearing
MaintainRepair your bike and give it a new lease of life!
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Technical specifications
Can be mounted on a frame with a 68 mm Euro-type square-taper bottom bracket (with English threading). Bottom bracket width: 68mm Length: 122.5 mm. Also available in 110mm, 113mm, 115mm, 118mm. Material: Steel Type: Square Bottom bracket type: BSC/BSA (English, Euro) Weight: 345 g
Assembly tips
Bottom bracket tightening torque: 50-70N.m Crank tightening torque: 35-50N.m Remember to grease the bottom bracket thread to facilitate screwing and unscrewing.
Maintenance tips
Do not use a high-pressure cleaner on bearings
Need any help?
The technicians at your Decathlon store are at your service to help you replace your bike parts. Feel free to ask them for help!
Information / Concept / Technology
Stockage tips
Store the bottom bracket in a dry and temperate place, keeping it away from corrosive products and sea air.
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