Cycles are an efficient and effective locomotive that not only makes for a great sport but also is a great way to get from one place to another that is easy on nature. Cycles are an integral part of every childhood. Everyone has really fond memories attached to the time they learnt how to ride. With Decathlon, buy cycle online from our range of...


Cycles are an efficient and effective locomotive that not only makes for a great sport but also is a great way to get from one place to another that is easy on nature. Cycles are an integral part of every childhood. Everyone has really fond memories attached to the time they learnt how to ride. With Decathlon, buy cycle online from our range of cycles that suit the needs and wants for everyone.

Discover a wide range of options at Decathlon:

Kids Cycles: Cycle is not just a sport loved by kids of all ages, but it is also a great way to make your kid independent and give him the confidence to be on his/her own. It is a fun and exciting sport and is an excellent way to keep your kids in good shape. We, at Decathlon, have cycles for kids that belong to all age groups, ranging from learner’s cycles all the way to the ones that are sturdy and can be used for everyday travel. We also take care of your child’s safety by designing helmets and guards for them that they would protect them from possible bruises and injuries.

Mountain Bikes: Mountain Bikes are bikes made specifically to enjoy the sport of mountain biking where your terrain is often undefined. To enjoy this sport thoroughly, one needs a bike that is durable and can take a beating. To meet all your demands, we have professionally designed mountain bikes with enhanced durability and great performance in all terrains. Start your adventure with our B'Twin Mtb Cycle (also called Rockrider) that provides comfort, efficiency, and precision. Our bikes provide value for money!

Hybrid Cycles: Hybrid cycle as the name suggest is a cycle that is multipurpose in nature. It is made to work well on multiple terrains such as the city or even for a long countryside ride. Designed to withstand various terrains such as off-road and tarmac, hybrid cycles help you enjoy the best of both worlds! 

Hybrid cycles are designed keeping in mind the rider’s comfort. To be able to ride continuously for hours at a stretch, the comfort for the rider is of utmost importance and this paired with a range of accessories available at Decathlon, we’re sure that your next ride would be a memory to cherish forever. 

Road Bikes: Road Bikes are specifically designed for travel at great speeds on even surfaces. With road bikes, the focus is on the comfort for the rider, the ability to pick up speeds, and great versatility so that various accessories can be used to improve the riding experience. In comparison with regular cycles, road bikes tend to come with narrow tires so as to reduce a significant amount of resistance and a unique handlebar shape so that the rider can lean and reduce friction greatly.  

Things to keep in mind when buying a good Road Bike:

Frame Geometry: To check the frame geometry is important to enjoy a pleasant riding experience every time you swing your legs across the bike and take it for a ride. Frame geometry can be categorized into two: Sport geometry and Performance geometry. Sport geometry is for the everyday user, the one that has a less committed riding position and the performance geometry is for a competitive user, for use in races. Understanding the requirement is ideal to make a buying decision among both of them. 

Frame Materials: Aluminium and Carbon fibre are the two most common materials used. Aluminium is usually less expensive and provides for smooth riding experience. Carbon fibre tends to be stronger and lighter than aluminium is often used for races. 

Wheels: Wheels are of great importance when it comes to buying a road bike. It has an impact on the overall weight of the bike which results in how quick it can be accelerated and how easy it is to keep the momentum going. The wheels also have an impact on the aerodynamics and the stopping power of the bike.

Decathlon Cycle Price: Decathlon’s Cycles are Durable and Affordable. 

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Best Selling Cycles/Bicycles

Cycle/Bicycle Price


Btwin Riverside 50 Hybrid Cycle

Rs. 6,999


Rockrider St 120 Kids Mtb 20-inch 6-9 Years Mountain Bike

Rs. 6,999


Riverside 100 - Red Hybrid Cycle.

Rs. 8,999


Btwin Rockrider 340 Grey Mtb Cycle

Rs. 13,999


Tilt 120 Folding Bike - Grey

Rs. 14,999


Rockrider St100 Mountain Bike - Grey

Rs. 16,999


Triban 100 Road Bike

Rs. 19,999


Btwin Rockrider 540 Red Mtb Cycle

Rs. 39,999

Folding Cycles
: Folding cycles are unique cycles that are built with ease of transport in mind. The ability to fold the cycle into a compact form makes it easy for you to carry it around while on the move, be it to your office or the local transportation, fits everywhere. At Decathlon, we have a range of folding cycles from Tilt that are designed keeping you and your convenience in mind with an unfolding time of just 30 seconds!

How to choose your folding bike? 

Apart from the regular things one has to think of while buying a cycle while buying a folding cycle, one has to ask a few more questions.

Constantly moving?

Are you a person who is constantly on the move? If yes, then a folding cycle would be a dream come true for you. But if you generally require a cycle and like the convenience of a folding cycle, think twice. Understanding your requirements is the first step to get a bike suitable for you.

Will you have enough space to store the cycle? 

Cycling to work is a great idea, but cycling to work and not having a place to store it would be frustrating. If you have enough space to store your folding cycle in your local transportation or at work, then a folding cycle would be a great fit for you. 

Women’s Cycles: Unlike unisex cycles, women’s cycles are specially designed keeping in mind the comfort that one would require while riding a cycle. Women tend to have shoulders narrower than men, so our cycles are designed to have handlebars that are narrow so as to provide for a pleasant and comfortable riding experience. Buy great women’s cycles and girl’s cycles here at Decathlon!

Now head to your nearest Decathlon’s store or buy the best bicycle online!

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